Five Misconceptions of Discipleship

1.  Discipleship takes place when people attend church programs.

In fact, much good teaching can take place during church, but it is often too general and not targeted to the special needs of a new Believer.

2.  Discipleship just happens.

In fact, we must go counter cultural and instruct others personally and lovingly about the ways of Christ. We need to ask the hard questions and get involved in the process of why they do things.

3.  Discipleship is only for new Christians.

In fact, discipleship is a process that should be occurring all through our lives. A disciple always follows his master’s life. Once a disciple, always a disciple.

4.  Discipleship is a program.

In fact, discipleship is a lifestyle. We are Christ’s disciples and this Christian life calls us to learn and live like Him. This will require significant changes in the way we think and live.

5.  Discipleship is only for certain parts of our lives.

In fact, Christ wants to teach us in each aspect of our lives from our parenting skills to handling finances. This differs from some cults which will actually make your decisions for you! Mentoring is a term that describes the training of a person in one or more specific areas.

True discipleship must take all of Christ’s teaching and implement them into our lives in such a way that we live like Christ did. We must not be content with only the passing on of knowledge and tradition and assume conviction and belief just come. Instead, we are to live out the life before those we instruct, just as Christ did. There is a great difference between the modern student and a disciple.


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